List of my professional activities & teaching, such as workshops, talks and online tutorials.

2019 - 2022

EPFL, Switzerland · daily

Supervision of learners for the EXTS course "Applied Data Science: Machine Learning"

Teaching of of applied data science skills to more than 1000 learners with very heterogeneous background. Content covers full data science pipeline with equal focus on data preparation, exploration, modeling, post-analysis investigation, and results visualization and communication.

Mentoring of 100s of proof-of-concept projects from industry and research, covering computer vision, consumer service, energy, finance, geography, insurance, predictive maintenance, manufacturing, marketing, medicine, meteorology, music, NLP, recommender systems, robotics, sales, service optimization, system control and transportation.


University of Cambridge, UK · 2-day workshop

MRI analysis in Python using Nipype, Nilearn and more (2nd version)

Due to great success and high demand, second and improved installment of the 2018 workshop at Cambridge.

EPFL, Switzerland · 3.5-hour talk

EPFL Extension School Workshop

Workshop given to 400 participants during the Applied Machine Learning Days at the SwissTech Convention Center, covering hands-on Machine and Deep Learning use cases about computer vision, NLP and anomaly detection.

University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA · 1-hour talk

Nipype and beyond!

Presentation of Nipype and other neuroimaging toolboxes, during UAB’s Neuroimaging Journal Club.


ITU Geneva, Switzerland · 3-hour talk

ITU Talks: AI for Everyone

Informative talk held in front of 300 UN associates from around the world, about what AI is, how it is applied in academia and the private sector, and how it will change our private, professional and social lives.


University of Cambridge, UK · 2-day workshop

Neuroimaging in Python (1st version)

Workshop given to 30 participants at MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit covering numerous neuroimaging topics, such as task-fMRI, diffusion imaging, functional connectivity analysis, machine learning, ConvNets and Nipype.

Max Planck Institute Frankfurt, Germany · 3-day workshop

Open and Reproducible Neuroscience using Python (2nd version)

Workshop given to 50 participants, with a focused on open and reproducible neuroscience using Python. Content covered toolboxes like Nipype, Docker, Jupyter, BIDS, OpenNeuro, DataLad, Nibabel, Nilearn, PyMVPA and Keras.

University of Marburg, Germany · 3-day workshop

Open and Reproducible Neuroscience using Python (1st version)

Workshop given to 45 participants and covered same content as workshop given at Max Planck Institute in May 2018.

Sardar Patel Institute of Technology in Mumbai, India · 5-hour webinar

Brainhack Computing: Hands on in Python

Webinar given to 60 participants during the Brainhack event organized by Prof. Preeti Jani, sponsored by IEEE, covering basics of neuroimaging data analysis using python toolboxes such as Nipype, Nilearn and Keras.

University Magdeburg (OVGU), Germany · 1-hour talk

Neuroimaging with Nipype: Where are we and where are we going?

Nipype Tutorial given to 40 participants during the Brainhack Global 2018.


University of Zurich, Switzerland · 2-hour talk

Nipype Tutorial: How to analyze your MRI data in an easy and flexible way

Nipype Tutorial given to 30 participants, with live recording during the Brainhack Global 2017.

Global · autodidactic teaching tool

Nipype Tutorial

Improved user’s guide using, Docker, Jupyter Notebooks and CircleCI for an interactive introduction to Nipype and related neuroimaging software. Homepage attracts more than 2’500 visitors per month from +150 countries.


Global · autodidactic teaching tool

Nipype Beginner's Guide

First comprehensive user’s guide to Nipype, attracting more than 1’500 visitors per month from +148 countries.