Publications (thesis, papers and open source projects) in reversed chronological order.


  1. Paper
    fMRIflows: a consortium of fully automatic univariate and multivariate fMRI processing pipelines
    Notter, Michael Philipp, Herholz, Peer, Da Costa, Sandra, Gulban, Omer Faruk, Isik, Ayse Ilkay, Gaglianese, Anna, and Murray, Micah M
    Brain Topography 2023


  1. Thesis
    Innovation and standardization of processing pipelines for functional MRI data analysis
    Notter, Michael P
    University of Lausanne 2021


  1. Paper
    3-Dimensional magnetic resonance imaging of the freely moving human eye
    Franceschiello, Benedetta, Di Sopra, Lorenzo, Minier, Astrid, Ionta, Silvio, Zeugin, David, Notter, Michael P, Bastiaansen, Jessica AM, Jorge, João, Yerly, Jérôme, Stuber, Matthias, and others,
    Progress in Neurobiology 2020
  2. Paper
    Temporo-parietal contribution to the mental representations of self/other face
    Zeugin, David, Notter, Michael P, Knebel, Jean-François, and Ionta, Silvio
    Brain and Cognition 2020
  3. Paper
    Variability in the analysis of a single neuroimaging dataset by many teams
    Botvinik-Nezer, Rotem, Holzmeister, Felix, Camerer, Colin F, Dreber, Anna, Huber, Juergen, Johannesson, Magnus, Kirchler, Michael, Iwanir, Roni, Mumford, Jeanette A, Adcock, R Alison, Notter, Michael P, and others,
    Nature 2020


  1. Paper
    Motion-Resolved 3D Magnetic Resonance Imaging Of The Human Eye
    Franceschiello, Benedetta, Di Sopra, Lorenzo, Ionta, Silvio, Zeugin, David, Notter, Michael, Bastiaansen, Jessica AM, Jorge, Joao, Yerly, Jerome, Stuber, Matthias, and Murray, Micah
    Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 2019
  2. Paper
    AtlasReader: A Python package to generate coordinate tables, region labels, and informative figures from statistical MRI images
    Notter, Michael, Gale, Dan, Herholz, Peer, Markello, Ross, Notter-Bielser, Marie-Laure, and Whitaker, Kirstie
    Journal of Open Source Software 2019
  3. Paper
    Encoding of auditory temporal gestalt in the human brain
    Notter, Michael P, Hanke, Michael, Murray, Micah M, and Geiser, Eveline
    Cerebral Cortex 2019
  4. Paper
    PyBIDS: Python tools for BIDS datasets
    Yarkoni, Tal, Markiewicz, Christopher J, Vega, Alejandro, Gorgolewski, Krzysztof J, Salo, Taylor, Halchenko, Yaroslav O, McNamara, Quinten, DeStasio, Krista, Poline, Jean-Baptiste, Petrov, Dmitry, and others,
    Journal of open source software 2019


  1. OpenSource
    STEN 2.0: Statistical Toolbox for Electrical Neuroimaging
    Knebel, Jean-François, and Notter, Michael P


  1. Paper
    Reshaping the brain after stroke: The effect of prismatic adaptation in patients with right brain damage
    Crottaz-Herbette, Sonia, Fornari, Eleonora, Notter, Michael P, Bindschaedler, Claire, Manzoni, Laura, and Clarke, Stephanie
    Neuropsychologia 2017
  2. Paper
    Implicit self-other discrimination affects the interplay between multisensory affordances of mental representations of faces
    Zeugin, David, Arfa, Norhan, Notter, Michael, Murray, Micah M, and Ionta, Silvio
    Behavioural brain research 2017
  3. OpenSource
    Pupillometry Analyzer: a lightweight matlab tool to pre-process pupillometry data
    Notter, Michael P, and Murray, Micah M
  4. OpenSource
    LINEViewer: a Python based EEG analysis tool for a rough data overview
    Notter, Michael P, Knebel, Jean-François, and Murray, Micah M
  5. OpenSource
    Brains for Publication
    Whitaker, Kirstie J, Notter, Michael P, and Morgan, Sarah


  1. OpenSource
    Halchenko, Yaroslav, Hanke, Michael, Oosterhof, Nikolaas N., Olivetti, Emanuele, Sederberg, Per B., Guntupalli, Swaroop, Zito, Tiziano, Haenel, Valentin, Buchholz, Sven, dinga92, , and others,


  1. Thesis
    Differences and similarities between the brains of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and children with autism spectrum disorder - An analysis of 700 anatomical MRI sca
    Notter, Michael P, and Hänggi, Jürgen
    University of Zurich 2014


  1. Poster
    Nipype 2012: more packages, reusable workflows and reproducible science
    Gorgolewski, Krzysztof J, Halchenko, Yaroslav, Notter, Michael, Varoquaux, Gaël, Waskom, Michael L, Ziegler, Erik, and Ghosh, Satrajit
  2. Poster
    Studying resting state connectivity using Nipype
    Gorgolewski, Krzysztof J, Halchenko, Yaroslav, Hanke, Michael, Notter, Michael, Varoquaux, Gaël, Waskom, Michael L, Ziegler, Erik, and Ghosh, Satrajit
    In 3rd biennial resting state conference 2012
  3. Paper
    A corticostriatal neural system enhances auditory perception through temporal context processing
    Geiser, Eveline, Notter, Michael, and Gabrieli, John DE
    Journal of Neuroscience 2012